Draqie Touch Table

It represents a new way of interacting with your surrounding. We believe that the environment in which people spend their time should be intelligent and should provide the maximum of automation.

Draqie provides Digital Signage and POS services. You can use Draqie together with a POS system of a bar or restaurant to select and order products and services. Our intelligent software solutions provide maximum simplicity for every customer.

You can use Draqie as a solution for waiting halls, spaces where people are seeking interaction. You can use Draqie as a platform for providing information to your customers and more.

Draqie Software Platform

The Draqie Software Platform is a set of tools and software libraries developed by Draqie Ltd. integrated in our own Linux Distribution together with a hardware design, which provide a simple way of creating modern interactive appliances.

Withe the help of our Platform we are able to bring you new designs of interactive appliances.

Our software systems may be managed over the network whereas all media files are stored online for easy access and modification. Our customers have unlimited access to their networks of installed Interactive Digital Signage units.

We have unlimited possibilities in utilising our software platform, since it is a complete suite for rapid prototyping of applications. Imagine that a developer has all the tools he needs to create a Touch Table, a POS Cash Register, a Payment Terminal or Mobile Application. We like it when things get done fast, we like good software architecture and we like to keep thinks simple.

None of our applications is monolithic. Each is created utilising modules that we developed to enable us to shorten the development cycle.

The Draqie Kit gives you access to the Draqie Software Platform. It is a simplification layer built into our software enabling third party developers build new software & appliances on top of our systems.

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Designer furniture

We design and manufacture first class furniture.

Our designs have been featured for example in Icon magazine http://iconeye.com.

If you have an idea, that no company can handle to manufacture, or if you run a bar, restaurant or a hotel or you live in a nice appartment and you are looking for stylish looking interior than you are welcome to contact us.

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