Restaurant Automation - Interactive Restaurant

Draqie brings you a complete set of hardware, software, interior services, furniture manufacturing, POS and staff automation to save your restaurant money and to attract new customers!

If it's finding ways of how to simplify processes in your restaurant, or to bring the most advanced touch technologies to the fingertips of your customers, your cooks or waiters - we can help.

Download a complete presentation of our POS solutions here: DraqiePOS_Presentation.pdf

Draqie Runner
Web Spider & Automated Data Retrieval Kit

The Draqie Runner is a set of tools that are built to process data found on the internet.

We eliminate manual work incorporated with going through any kind of data, especially information found on the world wide web. Search engines are widely used to help people go through vast amounts of information. We create systems that deliver you filtered and relevant content.

This technology may be for example used to automatically create large databases of possible clients.

Let's say you want all public contacts to everyone working in the gaming industry from the US. The information is public and it's out there.

"The world is full of patterns. You just need to find them"
Milan Kazarka

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